Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Very First Blog Ever

It has been a mad mad mad month, and a strange time to start blogging. The last week of August, we started our moved to Edmond Oklahoma (Brianna, Grayson, Harold and I, both dogs, 6 cats, and 5 kittens). It was a little extra stressful in that Michael found our house sight unseen to me. I shall note here, that he made an excellent choice. Harold and Grayson and Camy (the Chihuahua) were in the moving truck, while Bri and I were with the cats and kittens in the Trail Blazer. Titus (the Rottweiler) was already with Bethany in Missouri (half way between Edmond and Dayton). As we were pulling out of the driveway, on our trip to Missouri, Nadjah (skiddish Siamese) managed to escape the car and quickly ran away not to be found. Being completely exhausted and sad about Nadjah, the trip was long and late. I fell into a hard sleep. Without waking me, Harold decided to leave without me the following morning. This would have been ok if not for the fact that he left Camy and Grayson with me, and left with my keys !! I won't go into my feelings about this !

The story progresses......
While waiting for my keys to be returned (grrr), Bethany decided to take Brianna to Eric's garage to let her practice driving in the old car he has on his lot. This would have been ok, had Eric not decided to push her over and start driving recklessly to scare her. He succeeded in that when he threw her out of the broken door and hit her leg with the car. 20 stitches later at the emergency room, we spent hours calming her down and getting her settled for the night. More about this later.

Before we started our journey, Nora (Nadjah's sister) got out of the garage and was chased away by a dog. Now I have lost 2 cats in the move. Leaving the mom and kittens at Bethany's, we started off for Ok with the other 3 cats and both dogs. I think I would rather transport kids !

Things were rather dull after that (basicly nice and good) until Brianna developed gangrene in her leg. To make a long story short, I drove Brianna back to Dayton where she still had insurance. The surgeon has decided to use a sponge-vac on the wound instead of surgury, which is good but a longer processes. The cause of the enfection is that the wound was not cleaned out properly. Two sticks have so far been removed from the wound. This could evolve into another huge blog, huh?

I was sure I would be very sad to return to Huber and especially to see my house of 26 years that I left behind. I was sad that they had pulled up my flowers that I loved so much, but I was not sad about being there. Even though I did not see Nadjah, I was determined that I would go by every chance I had to look for her. One evening, as I was pulling up the car, I saw her tiny little feline self crossing the street on her way back to her "home". I called her name and she stopped dead in her tracks and started crying. I sat in the driveway and kept talking to her. After being scare a few times by cars and such, she found her way to me still crying and purring at the same time. Her mom was home and had come back for her after a month. I carried her to the car, and while she cuddled close to me, I drove her to Arby's and bought her a roast beef sandwich. Good things come from bad things sometimes. God works in misterious ways.

Now I am homesick for my new home in OK. I miss my husband and my animals and my son's and grandkids. I like it there and I want to go back. Hopefully Brianna and I will be able to go home soon. Another good thing about all this is that she gets to spend some time with her mom and sister, and we get to spend time with Noah and Aaron and Emily. I am at Noah's now with my 2 beautiful little grandaughters, Eden, who will be 2 in December, and Ruth, who is 3 weeks. We will know our future plans when we see the surgeon Friday. Pray for us, please.